Decoiling Services In Chennai

CTL Decoiling is the action of unwinding a parent coil, making it flat and cutting it into sheets. These sheets can be varied in length to suit the customer requirements.
The parent coil is unwound and passed through a levelling head. This is a bank of hardened rolls that are positioned above and below the passing steel. The rolls have a controlled level of pressures placed on them at varying intensity and location. Curvature existing in the material leaving the parent coil is then fully removed to create a flattened product. When sufficient material has been flattened a shear is used to cut it to length and it is then fed into a system which stacks it into bundles of the specified quantity or weight. Our customers have the option of collecting their material or requesting us to arrange delivery.

Types : Description
Thickness 1.6 to 12 mm
Width Upto 2000 mm
Length As per Customer's Requirement